The “Squid Game” Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Published on 10/03/2021

If you haven’t already seen the popular Squid Game on Netflix, we suggest you go and do just that. Squid game is the latest epic in some excellent K-Dramas, and it’s fair to say that people are already obsessed. Various Trends are ramping through TikTok, fan theories are flying; it has already gone on to become the most watched Netflix show in such a short time. The center of many memes, the show is addicting and is super-binge worthy. The only downfall being we wish there were more than 9 episodes! One thing you may have seen on TikTok is various reenactments of the games; albeit without the deadly endings. The online game Roblox features a version of ‘red light, green light’ and people have been baking the honeycomb to carve the shapes. The excitement is real. We have even ranked the games from worst to best, continue reading to discover which of the games was number 1!

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Shutterstock 731073715


6. The Marble Games

It can be considered unfair to rank the games like this, because it shoots the Marble Games to the bottom of the pile. The game was a necessary change of pace to show that not everything is strength based (it followed tug of war), and it tested friendships because people paired up with those that they were closest to. That being said, it was certainly the weakest of the games on a comparative level. Requiring players to pair up and play games to win the other’s marbles, the dialogue aspect was more interesting in this game. Betrayal, deceit, selflessness and sacrifice can all be seen from the various relationships in this round, and some are definitely hard done by (RIP Ali). This round did keep us on the edge of our seats because we were sure to lose some key characters, but the game was the least thrilling.

5. Squid Game

The name of the show, the first game shown in the montage of the children. Squid game itself seems quite exciting and has some interesting rules and conditions. However, when depicted in the show in the final round we don’t really see the Squid Game in action but rather a 1v1 fighting bloodbath. Each player is equipped with a weapon and told that ‘last man standing’ or winner of the squid game will win. The rules of the game require one player to run past the other, so it seems easier to plainly murder the opponent. This is the main reason the game is down the end of the pile, but again it is important as it shows the relationship between Song-Woo and Gi-Hun and the consequences of certain actions.

4. Honeycomb Challenge

It almost feels harsh to put this one so low down, as it was actually really exciting. The remaining three were just more exciting however. This game was largely popular and is the center of a trend on TikTok, where people bake this and try to carve out shapes with a needle. The players had to choose a shape before the game, not knowing what the game would be. Our hearts truly sank when Song-Woo neglected to tell Gi-Hun what the game was, before allowing him to go on and choose an umbrella- ensuring certain death. With shapes being that of a star, triangle, circle or umbrella; we were certainly on the edge of our seats watching if the characters would be able to carve out their shapes in time. Quite an exciting game, but inferior to the remaining ones.

3. Tug Of War

This one was one of the best games, tug-of-war. Remember that game? It was definitely fun to play as a kid. This version however was slightly more deadly. Instead of plainly falling over, or into a sandy hole; the losers of this game fell to a nasty death. Again, the teams were chosen before the game was revealed, so those who selected a team full of big strong men were surely in a better position than those who had selected elderly or weaker teammates. The episode kept us hooked as the characters we grew to love were selected in a weakened team and is also the only episode that leaves us on a cliffhanger between episodes! The outcome was exciting, and some clever tactics came out on top.

2. Glass Bridge

It was a tough choice between the final two. Both were really exciting, but we’ve decided to put Glass Bridge at number two here. A walk from end to end like no other; contestants had to pick a number prior to the game, not knowing what the number meant (initially), to then cross a glass bridge with two options at each stage. One glass panel would shatter and the person would fall to instant death, the other would withstand the person’s weight. Selfishness, luck and tactics all prevail here as we end with the three lucky finalists. Though with unfortunate glass shattering, one ends up affected by deadly repercussions.

1. Red Light, Green Light

The classic! The first game was definitely the best one. We didn’t quite know what we were in for before the doll at the front started gunning everybody down. The game which eliminated the most contestants, this was where we first saw the values of some our our best loved characters (Ali). The timer and chilling chanting from the doll keep us on edge as we wait agonizingly to see which of the characters that we were yet to really know, were able to cross the finish line. Starting off strong, this was the game that kept us hooked. It let us know the caliber of the games, and to what extent they could really go. Simply fantastic.